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Learning Should be Fun!

I don’t know about you, but I have heard far too many stories about teachers handing out the same worksheet time and time again,  completing boring joint constructions with the same two students participating, writing questions on the board for the students to answer… you get the gist!

I sincerely believe (along with supporting research such as here and here) that learning should be fun!

It is our job as teachers to motivate and engage our students in their learning. We need to be excited about what we are teaching. If we aren’t excited, how can we expect our students to be? The possibilities to make learning fun are endless!

Here are some of the ideas that I have come up with:

  • Integrate technology in meaningful ways:
    • Carefully select computer programs to help students achieve their goal
    • Find useful and interactive websites students can navigate
    • Download beneficial apps on the iPads
    • Allow your students to use cameras and video cameras to document their learning
    • Create WebQuests for your students
    • Find great YouTube videos to show your students
    • Integrate useful Web 2.0 tools
  • Provide your students with choice
  • Create different activities for your students to work on
  • Ensure your students are being challenged
  • Provide hands on activities
  • Allow your students to create something
  • Encourage your students to present their work in a variety of ways:
    • News Presenters
    • Blog Post
    • Website
    • Song
    • Video
    • Series of photos
    • Model
    • Dance
    • Posters
    • Pamphlets
    • Game Show

How do you make learning fun?

5 thoughts on “Learning Should be Fun!

  1. What an inspiring list Ashley. I think some teachers could do with this painted on their wall to remind them that it is ok to have fun but more importantly it is easy to make learning fun.
    I love the freedom I have in my classroom to take a daily event and turn it into a whole day learning experience. Yes my program is covered but not always in a straight line. I tend to spin and weave through it to make it real and FUN!
    You are going to have classes in the future where students want to be at school and love the FUN associated with learning. Never let go of your passion.


    1. You really are an inspiring teacher! I truly believe in making learning fun and I think it is essential in order to engage students in their learning. That should be our aim – to make our students want to come to school! I will definitely try not to let go of the passion!


  2. Very inspirational Ashley. I want to be in your class! Engaging students and making learning fun is certainly the key. It leads to a positive learning environment and a happy atmosphere. It has to be a good thing.


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