My Teaching Philosophy

“I touch the future. I teach.” – Christina McAuliffe

I believe our students are our future. Each of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Teaching is an important and honourable occupation that demands commitment. There are miracles, learning, healing, laughter, sharing and love every day in classrooms all around the world. A teacher has the opportunity to impact on students’ lives in a positive way; this is a huge privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As a dedicated teacher, I will endeavour to uphold the following. 

  • Ensure that student learning needs are the primary focus  of attention.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and the importance for each KLA.
  • Incorporate ICT in classroom experiences in meaningful and interactive ways.
  • Hold a positive regard for all students and ensure that respect is maintained within the classroom at all times.
  • Believe in the ability of all students to learn, expect all students to learn and convey this expectation to individuals, the class and the community.
  • Create a classroom that is a welcoming, positive and fair environment where all students learn from one another and feel safe and comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Establish high, however not unreachable, standards and provide support to students to reach those standards.
  • Embrace the constructivist learning approach which includes the following.
  • The teacher acting as the facilitator and the learner being active and involved.
  • Students exposed to alternative viewpoints of group members.
  • Language is developed in context by the teacher and the peer group is important.
  • A need to acknowledge that individual learning outcomes may be different.
  • Testing emphasises performance rather than potential.
  • Ensure my students are actively engaged in learning experiences which deal with issues which they regard as important in their lives.
  • Ensure deep learning is imparted rather than rote learning and my students are supported in order to make connections to understand relationships.
  • Provide specific and meaningful positive feedback and encouragement to my students as it is important to me that my students build up their confidence and develop intrinsic motivation.
  • Monitor individual student learning and plan according to the needs of individuals, groups and the whole class.
  • Foster independent learning.
  • Expect students to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Model what is to be expected of the students.
  • Create a learning environment that is serious and thoughtful, while using light humour to create a sense of community.
  • Be prepared and to continue to learn from the students and to grow in understanding regarding content.
  • Continually reflect on my practice and demonstrate my commitment to lifelong learning by seeking out appropriate collegial support and furthering my own professional development.
  • Hold myself accountable to high standards of performance and continually seek improvement in present and future performance.
  • Make a difference in my school community by working as part of a team with my colleagues and sharing my knowledge and skills whenever I can.

My Vision Statement

As a teacher, I aim to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity and sheer determination. Our classroom is a place where students feel important, respected, cared for and believed in. I am a teacher who makes it possible for her students to reach their full potential, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, give and receive feedback, create and try their best. In our classroom, real world problems are solved and each student believes that they can make a difference in this world. Together, we celebrate each other’s success and inspire each other to be the best person that we can be.

34 responses to “My Teaching Philosophy

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I like your list, a lot of valuable meanings and hopefully You could achieve to reach that 😉

    May I give You some good #curation help for your and your students future, if You don’t mind:

    BTW: my Twitter account is @knolinfos where I share on a daily base my knowledge, in case if You would like to follow… I am a “Life Long Learner” 😉
    Don’t forget to share the info with your students and learners, anybody will profit from it 🙂

    Have a nice day and best regards,


  2. Hey dear your philosophy is really amazing and I am sure you will be a good teacher in future best wishes from me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maricel M. Jamero

    hey ashley your philosophy is very amazing i wis u good luck…..I am sure you reach your goal in life being an effective teacher someday….


  4. Jess Dwyer

    Ashley, thanks for inspiring me! I am writing my T Philisophy for a uni assignment (Dip Ed) and am an aspiring Primary teacher in the Bendigo area. I decided to click on your ‘pintrest’ link wondering what it was and had to say thankyou for all the work you are putting in to share things online…I love your site and I am so inspired.
    Thankyou again, youve brightened my day with all the great material you are sharing


    • Hi Jess,

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am so happy to hear that I have inspired and helped you! Good luck and I hope to see you joining Twitter and Pinterest and commenting on future blog posts 🙂



  5. Debbie Jo

    Hi Ashley,

    When I was navigating around your Blog I got a strong sense that you are genuinely a giving, caring and dedicated professional. When I read your philosophy, it moved me and reinforced that. You are clearly very in touch with yourself, the pedagogy of teaching and the importance of secure, positive relationships within the role you play in contributing to the many, many children whose lives you influence. I believe each and every one of them past, present and future is blessed to have you contribute to and enrich their lives. You are an inspiration and I look forward to following you on your Blog. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Debbie Jo.


    • Hi Debbie Jo,

      Wow, thank you for such a beautiful comment! It truly means a lot.I really appreciate it and I hope you continue to find my blog useful. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments at any time.

      Thank you again,



  6. Gladys Siale

    Hi Ashley,

    What an inspirational philosophy view you share in your blog. I love your list and am glad that I came across your blog if you don’t mind. I a teacher from the Solomon Islands.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Gladys Siale


  7. sanjeewa

    hi Ashley
    i like your pilosopical idea of teaching.i think every teacher should have own pilospy of nourish my idea,what are your favourite pilosopers
    thank you
    Mr. sanjeewa in sri lanka.


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  9. Hi Ashley,
    You’re really an inspiration to all the teachers around the world, like me…well, your teaching philosophies reflects your great beauty! Ang ganda-ganda mo!


  10. hi Ms. Ashley,i loved reading your shared ideas in teaching.I hope it’s ok with you to ask in your experience, as a teacher how do you manage a problematic student in your class and how do you handle difficult parents in school? thank you so much for sharing…God bless!


  11. Rita

    Hi Ms Ashley
    I have gained a lot by reading your ideas in teaching . Your vision statement was the best and inspiring too. Your passion for teaching and students is evident in your teaching philosophy .

    Warm Regards,


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  12. AJ

    Great ideas and a real sense of vision, the focus on clear positive interactions is key and something I will take away with me

    Thank you AJ

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  14. Having read your blog I feel this should be a starting point for CPD in my own school. You obviously put the children at the heart of all that you do!

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  15. nicolyn

    Hi Ashley I like your philosophy so much, I graduated as a teacher too but I didn’t pass the board exam yet so I was inspire with your philosophy in teaching I hope someday I could reach my goal too..God bless you..

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  16. jenefer

    Hi Ashley
    I really appreciate your ideas… very much inspiring…

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  17. Carl

    Hi Ashley,

    Some very inspiring comments.

    As a senior leader, who is currently undertaking further CPD, it is great to hear that the profession continues to be blessed with such dedication.
    I wish had the same drive as you 20 years ago (which I hope I have now) , In my case experience has been my driving force I guess.

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  18. pamela osewe

    a constructive wonderful good words happy to be a teacher keep it up

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  19. annabelle

    hello ashley,i like your philosophy so much…and it will help me a lot

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  20. Love your philosophy, it inspired me a lot.

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  21. sharah

    Your blog is worth reading. Your philosophy inspired and moved me to become the best teacher that I can be.

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  22. Lindsay

    hi Ashley

    I ‘m a student teacher who is dedicated to learn and create the best out of myself . Your writing is so inspiring
    I ‘m inspired with your philosophy , m writing mine too. God fulfill your wishes !!

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  23. Dorothy Laku

    Hey there Ashley, I am a female teacher from Papua New Guinea. I am a secondary school teacher but I have taught years 1 & 2 for 8 years although it was daunting at first but then I found very intriguing, challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I took a break from teaching for 2 years now and have decided to study another discipline, but having read your philosophy have really inspired and motivated me to get back into the classroom and into the young lives of children.
    Very inspiring in deed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy impacting young precious lives.


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  24. noriah

    hi ashley…glad i found your blog. you’re an amazing young teacher.

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  25. This is great! Starting my first full time primary teaching job in feb and your philosophy was great to read and think about

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  26. Hi Ashely, thanks for nice explanation on ” my teaching Philosophy” it has give a real thoughts on my assignment based on teaching primary students, I really appreciate.


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