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Stuck in a Rut?

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, both in our personal lives and in our teaching. It’s safe, comfortable and what we know – change is scary and it’s easy to adopt the thinking ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, as teachers we can’t get stuck in a rut. We… Continue reading Stuck in a Rut?

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Project Based Learning

We have all heard about project based learning, but what exactly is it? Take a look at the following useful videos that provide great explanations about project based learning. As teachers, we always need to be looking for new and exciting ways to teach our 21st century students to the best of our ability. Project based… Continue reading Project Based Learning

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The Benefits of a Class Blog

I have admired a number of class blogs over the last couple of years (see the links on the side of my blog for some great class blogs) and they have inspired me to start my own class blog when I have a class of my own. Click here for a previous post about class blogs. Take… Continue reading The Benefits of a Class Blog

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Learning Should be Fun!

I don’t know about you, but I have heard far too many stories about teachers handing out the same worksheet time and time again,  completing boring joint constructions with the same two students participating, writing questions on the board for the students to answer… you get the gist! I sincerely believe (along with supporting research… Continue reading Learning Should be Fun!

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The idea of a WebQuest has become increasingly popular over the years and it is no wonder why! A WebQuest encourages inquiry based learning which allows students to research a chosen topic while effectively using the internet and create a final product. WebQuests not only engage students in meaningful learning tasks and allow students to collaborate… Continue reading WebQuests


Primary School Graduate

Take a moment to think about what qualities you would like a year 6 student to leave primary school with. These are the words that I would like to be used to describe a year 6 student; respectful a proficient eLearner literate numerate confident globally aware caring and compassionate towards others critically aware high self… Continue reading Primary School Graduate


Moving Forward

I attended the inaugural Primary Teachers Network (PTN)  professional learning event, “M.E.S.H. Mapping:  Your GPS to the new curriculum” which focussed on an integrated approach to teaching and learning Maths, English, Science and History in the primary classroom. The opening speeches by Christine Taylor, Consul General of India Sydney, Amit Dasgupta and Jane Caro were… Continue reading Moving Forward

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21st Century Teachers

We are constantly hearing about 21st century students, so what does that mean for teachers? What is a 21st century teacher? I believe that we need to be; continually learning open minded open to discussion, collaboration and sharing reflecting and evaluating supportive of other teachers preparing our students for their future In order to be… Continue reading 21st Century Teachers