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A Learning Journey

Every student has a learning journey, but who is in charge of that journey? When you think about a great teacher, what comes to mind? A teacher who cares, excites, motivates and inspires? What about a teacher who allows students to control their own learning? Generally speaking, as teachers, I think we tend to want… Continue reading A Learning Journey

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What if students controlled their own learning?

When I think about how I want students to be learning in my classroom, I imagine them carrying out the following. Demonstrating their learning with confidence Owning their learning Presenting their work using a variety of tools Challenging themselves Enjoying learning Discovering Collaborating Creating  When I look back, the times the students are checking off… Continue reading What if students controlled their own learning?

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Classroom Design

Effective communication in the classroom is essential if the teacher and students are to succeed. The kind of communication and the amount of communication is said to be linked to the seating arrangements of the students in the classroom. Evidently, seating arrangements in a classroom is a really important decision. There are so many options,… Continue reading Classroom Design

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Learning Should be Fun!

I don’t know about you, but I have heard far too many stories about teachers handing out the same worksheet time and time again,  completing boring joint constructions with the same two students participating, writing questions on the board for the students to answer… you get the gist! I sincerely believe (along with supporting research… Continue reading Learning Should be Fun!

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Our Students and Technology

The students at Robin Hood School, Birmingham really got me thinking about what should be happening in our classrooms. Are you catering to the 21st century learners? Do you use iPods, iPads, computers, digital cameras and the interactive whiteboard? Have you created and used podcasts and blogs? Are you using technology in meaningful ways? Are… Continue reading Our Students and Technology

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Creativity in the Classroom

Creativity may be defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations. As teachers, we need to encourage our students to: question and investigate experiment with new ideas view mistakes as opportunities for learning follow their interests think “outside the… Continue reading Creativity in the Classroom

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I am amazed at the vast difference in opinion regarding homework. Just in the last couple of days, I have heard a news story stating that homework is irrelevant to the 21st century and read a newspaper article stating that two hours of homework each night is beneficial to students. Click here for a previous post… Continue reading Homework

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Six Useful Strategies

1. Structure Pyramid Students draw a pyramid and answer the following in each level, starting from the top: One word for the title Two words to tell ‘when’ it happened Three words to tell the ‘main characters’ Four words to describe the ‘setting’ Five words to describe ‘actions’ that happened in the story Six words to… Continue reading Six Useful Strategies

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Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles

Children learn in different ways and it is important for us as teachers to teach the way our students learn. There is no one strategy that will work best for all the students in a class, so we need to use a variety of strategies within our lessons. The seven multiple intelligences in children include;… Continue reading Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles

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Making Multiplication Tables Fun

I remember dreading writing out my multiplication tables in a square grid against the stop watch each morning in primary school and I don’t want my future students to have that same pit in their stomach because they are struggling with their multiplication tables. After all, the daily multiplication square and stop watch approach wasn’t… Continue reading Making Multiplication Tables Fun