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The Benefits of a Class Blog

I have admired a number of class blogs over the last couple of years (see the links on the side of my blog for some great class blogs) and they have inspired me to start my own class blog when I have a class of my own. Click here for a previous post about class blogs.

Take a look at the following inspiring YouTube video.

There are many benefits of a class blog, including:

  • they are easy to set up and they are user friendly
  • students are motivated
  • students are encouraged to read and write
  • they encourage discussion and collaboration
  • a community of learners is fostered
  • there is an instant audience
  • interesting websites can be provided to your students via links
  • images can be included to appeal to visual learners
  • they may be accessed anytime and anywhere
  • students gain an increased feeling of ownership
  • authentic learning takes place
  • they allow students to connect with other classrooms all over the world
  • it is relevant
  • a strong connection between home and school is encouraged

Kathleen Morris has written some great posts about blogging that are definitely worth checking out. See here, here and here for some of her useful blog posts and resources.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Are you thinking about starting a class blog?

Can you think of any more benefits?

Do you have a class blog? Share your link below!

7 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Class Blog

    1. Hi Laura,

      I don’t have my own class yet, however I think I will be using WordPress. There are many platforms you can use, including: edublog, blogger and weebly. Take a look at each of them and find out what works best for you. I’ve found WordPress to be quite easy to use once you get used to it.

      I would definitely suggest sending a note home to parents explaining the blog, how it will be used and how they can get involved. Perhaps even a meeting. Take a look at Kathleens blog, I’m sure she has written something about telling parents.




  1. Hi Ashley
    In my class we use Edublogs and I find it very easy, even for K kids. We’d love it if you could have a look at some of our posts. http://kwcs12.edublogs.org/

    When setting up a class blog it is important to send a note home for information to parents but you also need a permission to publish note if you are planning on using photos. Each school has their own policy. Make sure you cover student safety and privacy.
    I agree Kathleen is a wonderful ambassador for blogging. So helpful!


    1. Yes, I have heard many great things about Edublogs. It’s great to hear that you have found it so easy! Your blog looks fantastic, I will try to comment from time to time.

      Yes, you raise some important points there! Involving parents and speaking to the principal are very important!


  2. Great sharing about your journey! I’ve nothing new to add that hasn’t been discussed already, but to say that this will be common practice in years to come and I reckon we’ll look back and wonder how we got by without them! Keep up the good work! (We have started mucking around on mrhueblsclassroom.edublogs.org)


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