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Promote Wellbeing and Resilience in Your Classroom

When wellbeing and resilience is promoted, academic success is likely to be achieved. Good mental health and wellbeing contribute to quality of life.

Ensure these strategies are implemented in your classroom:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Meaningful contribution and participation
  • Opportunities for strengths to be affirmed
  • Opportunities for taking initiative
  • Collaboration
  • Rules about bullying
  • Cooperative learning activities
  • Peer support strategies
  • Teacher knowledge of students
  • Teacher warmth and availability
  • Clear and consistent classroom boundaries
  • Family involvement with school programs
  • Strong teacher-family relationships

This information was adapted from BounceBack! Click here for more information and fantastic resources related to wellbeing and resilience.

How are you promoting wellbeing and resilience in your classroom?

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