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Student Learning & Achievement

Research has identified six factors which impact on student learning (not in order):

  1. Principals
  2. Students
  3. Peers
  4. Home
  5. Teachers
  6. Schools

Consider for a moment which you believe has the most influence on student learning.

Research has found that teachers have a significant influence on student learning, as can be seen in the pie chart below.

This leads to the question, what aspects of teaching contributes most to student achievement?

  • Instructional clarity?
  • Quality of teaching?
  • Teacher expectations?
  • Subjects knowledge?
  • Student-teacher relationship?

Research found:


Effect Size

Overall Rank

Teacher clarity



Teacher-student relationships



Quality of teaching



Teacher expectations



Teacher subject matter knowledge




This clearly illustrates that teachers play a critical role in student achievement via their clarity and relationships with the students.

A quality teacher needs to be seen in terms of what the teacher does and the effect they have on the students.

Teachers need to have a greater focus on communicating clearly and developing quality relationships with their students. Simple things such as addressing the students by name, picking up on their personality traits, noticing when students are not themselves, being there for the students, being approachable and giving students compliments.

These small things make a huge impact on student achievement.

How do you foster teacher-student relationships in your class?

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