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School Culture

As a student teacher, and perhaps as a casual teacher or a new staff member, it can be really daunting entering an unfamiliar school. No matter how big the classrooms are, how great the canteen is or how many resources the school has – the one thing that sticks out is how friendly the staff are – the school culture – ‘the ways things are done around here’.

As a student teacher visiting different schools, the schools I look back on fondly are those with friendly staff. The schools where teachers came up to me and introduced themselves and went out of their way to simply be nice, have been my favourite. I remember being blown away at how nice the staff was and how welcome they made me feel. The staffroom was an inviting place where I never felt left out. Instead of being pointed in the general direction by a cranky office lady, office staff showed me around and other teachers called my supervising teacher to come to the staffroom to meet me. She introduced me to other staff members and showed me around the school. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and I felt so excited.

For teachers and other staff, the school is where they go to each day, so why not make it a great place to work? Are you being the best person you can be? Are you being the kind of person you want to be? Are you supportive of other teachers? Are you continually growing in your profession? What kind of culture are you fostering in your school? Think about these simple statements the next time you are at school – you can make a difference!

What are your tips for a great school environment?

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