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Great Student Teachers

Being a student teacher is a great responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I believe it is the best learning experience you will receive when learning to become a teacher. During your professional experience, you will learn things that just cannot be taught in a university lecture hall.

Ultimately, what you get out of the experience, is up to you.

Below are some tips on how to make the most of your experiences as a student teacher.

  • Be positive, friendly and introduce yourself
  • Be punctual
  • Follow the school rules
  • Become familiar with the school by observing and participating in a range of school activities
  • Observe your supervising teacher and other teachers
  • Assist the supervising teacher whenever you can
  • Show initiative
  • Prepare your lessons and any materials thoroughly
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your supervising teacher and/or other teachers
  • Evaluate each lesson (strengths and weaknesses of the lesson, improvements for next time)
  • Accept constructive criticism – the supervising teacher is on your side
  • Remember that you are there to learn and it is okay to make mistakes
  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching by undertaking all teacher duties
  • Dress appropriately and professionally
  • Be a great teacher to the students, NOT their friend
  • Don’t forget to smile!
  • Learn all the students’ names
  • Provide praise to the students
  • Motivate the students
  • Be confident
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Develop a presence of authority
  • Respect the students and the supervising teacher
  • Talk to the other teachers and other student teachers at the school
  • Ensure that this is the profession for you
  • Take notes of great ideas you observe
  • Collect and organise resources in a folder
  • Provide morning tea in the staffroom on your last day as a thank you

Further advice from my great PLN:


Good student teachers are flexible, willing to try new things, accept advice and constructive criticism and are willing to work hard.


Regardless of what skills student teachers have, I just love it when they have initiative, commitment to learning as much as they can, willingness to try things and willingness to reflect.

A good student teacher can be a fantastic experience for both supervising teacher and students.


Willing to have a go, match the supervisors’ effort and hours. Ask questions, reflect. Mimic classroom management.


Be friendly with your students, but don’t try to be friends!


A student teacher who has prepared their lessons well! I have had too many that are ill- prepared & their lessons go astray.

 What advice do you have for student teachers?

What has your experience been as a student teacher?

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Great Supervising Teachers

 As a student teacher I was really nervous starting my first prac and I know I’m not alone. Walking into an unfamiliar school, staffroom and classroom with a temporary loss of security can be quite daunting. A great supervising teacher can make the experience a lot easier and very enjoyable. So what makes a great supervising teacher?

I surveyed student teachers and found out that they look for someone who;

  • is friendly and welcoming
  • introduces the student to other staff members and the class
  • assures the student if they are nervous
  • provides the student with the lessons/teaching programs he/she would like them to teach in advance
  • suggests and discusses content, teaching and management strategies
  • discusses goals and how they might be achieved
  • shares resources
  • provides a background about the students in the class
  • includes the student in RFF time and planning units of work
  • explains how the roll call book works
  • provides the student with feedback including their strengths and weaknesses
  • is available e.g. communicates via email
  • is committed to the profession
  • has a positive attitude
  • provides constructive criticism – what should we do next time?
  • encourages the student to self reflect after each lesson
  • models effective teaching strategies
  • is up to date on teaching practises
  • allows the student to believe no question is a silly question
  • starts the student with small groups and then builds them up to the whole class
  • provides the student with a photo of the class to learn names
  • allows the student to observe other great colleague teachers you know within the school
  • is organised
  • lets the student know when they are going to be absent
  • lets the student know when they have a duty
  • explains the reward system in place to the student
  • gets the student a chair/place to sit on the first day
  • provides the student with opportunities to gain a variety of teaching and observation experiences
  • gives advice
  • has confidence in the student
  • expresses concerns early and notifies the student
  • encourages the student to be the best teacher they can be

If all supervising teachers followed this list, each student is sure to have a very enjoyable experience.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who take on students, it is greatly appreciated.

Are you a great supervising teacher?

Are you thinking of taking on a student teacher?

Are you a student teacher?

Let me know what you think.

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