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A Positive Classroom

Teachers have a very long list of responsibilities, including helping their students to feel positive about themselves. There are simple things a teacher can do to affirm the students in their class which can make a huge impact on each student.

  • When speaking to your students, use their name.
  • Always greet your students and show that you are happy to see them.
  • Make your students feel important.
  • Admit that you make mistakes, accept their mistakes and allow for an unlimited amount of fresh starts.
  • Avoid labelling your students.
  • Praise, praise praise! Both verbal and written, students love praise and it encourages them to complete work to the best of their ability. From K to year 6, praise makes a world of difference. Focus your praise particiularly when students have had a go and when they have produced their best work.
    • Brilliant work!
    • Excellent work!
    • Clever answer!
    • You should be proud of yourself!
    • I enjoyed reading that!
    • Your work is always a pleasure to read.
    • Fantastic improvement!
    • I can see the effort you put into this!
    • That’s a great effort!
  • Praise equally – try not to leave any student out. Find something each student does well and let them know!
  • At the end of each day, praise the class as a whole.
  • Always speak optimistically to the students.
    • ‘Don’t use such long sentences’ vs. ‘Good try. Try to add more full stops and new sentences next time’.
    • ‘No’ vs. ‘try again’/’good try’.
  • Always speak politely.
  • Avoid favouritism and avoid discrimination.
    • This may be unintentional and overlooked.
    • Give students a small piece of paper each and ask them to write their name on it and tally each time you ask them for an answer to a question and/or compliment them. At the end of the week you can see if your attention was divided equally among the class and if any students were left out. This allows you to self-reflect.
  • Never give up on a student.
  • Smile at the students.
  • Accept every contribution and answer.
    • Acknowledge that the student had a go by saying ‘good try’, ‘try again’ or ‘close”. After all, it’s tough putting yourself out there and sharing an answer!

How do you keep your classroom positive?

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