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Mathematics is everywhere!

Math surrounds us. It is everywhere, even if we don’t realise it. I’m a big believer in teaching our students that mathematics is everywhere. If we provide our students with real world examples and provide reasoning for what we are teaching them and what they are learning, it gives the lesson substance and meaning for… Continue reading Mathematics is everywhere!

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Teaching Mathematics

Take some time to think about your mathematics lessons. Are your students engaged? Are your students motivated? Do you use effective questioning? Do you have high but realistic goals for your students? You should always start a mathematics lesson by sharing the learning intentions in a way your students will understand. You should also tell… Continue reading Teaching Mathematics

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Making Multiplication Tables Fun

I remember dreading writing out my multiplication tables in a square grid against the stop watch each morning in primary school and I don’t want my future students to have that same pit in their stomach because they are struggling with their multiplication tables. After all, the daily multiplication square and stop watch approach wasn’t… Continue reading Making Multiplication Tables Fun

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Mathematics in the Classroom

There are a lot of teachers who dislike teaching maths and it is often the least liked subject in the classroom by many students. Teachers need to be enthusiastic about every subject – it will encourage your students to also be enthusiastic – even about maths. Here are ten tips that I have come up with… Continue reading Mathematics in the Classroom