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Back to School: Teacher Edition

As the summer holidays come to an end, it won’t be long before we are back in the classroom with our new students. Take a look at the 7 tips below to give the best first impression and kick off 2016 to a great start. #1 Clean out your emails If you are anything like me,… Continue reading Back to School: Teacher Edition


10 Ways to Inspire Our Students

Today, I stumbled across the word ‘inspire’ and it caused me to stop and wonder about how I am inspiring my students. As teachers, it’s important that we are inspiring our students, however, it isn’t an easy task. Here are ten ways that I have come up with regarding how we can inspire our students to… Continue reading 10 Ways to Inspire Our Students


Moving Forward

I attended the inaugural Primary Teachers Network (PTN)  professional learning event, “M.E.S.H. Mapping:  Your GPS to the new curriculum” which focussed on an integrated approach to teaching and learning Maths, English, Science and History in the primary classroom. The opening speeches by Christine Taylor, Consul General of India Sydney, Amit Dasgupta and Jane Caro were… Continue reading Moving Forward