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Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Digital cameras can transform learning for your students. The possibilities are endless once you start thinking creatively. 

20 ways to use digital cameras in the classroom;

  1. Photos of spelling words in digital photo frame 
  2. Photo’s of classroom agreements/rules
  3. Include photos in post tests (students completing the mentioned activity)
  4. Students take photos of mathematical concepts around the school (patterns, angels, shapes…)
  5. Photos as a writing prompt
  6. Photo Story – Excursion (e.g. to aid writing a recount)
  7. Class and student blogs
  8. Digital Portfolios
  9. Steps in a procedure
  10. Prompt for narrative/descriptive writing
  11. ABC Alphabet Book
  12. Take photos of students which they use to write about themselves
  13. Observe weather (e.g. clouds, seasons)
  14. Illustrate a science experiment (e.g. growth of a plant)
  15. Demonstrate a PE exercise
  16. Images of assembling 3D objects
  17. Photo’s of nouns, verbs etc
  18. Use photos for graphing
  19. Create a slide show as an assessment
  20. Digital storytelling

It needs to be remembered that technology is insufficient on its own; it must be used in accordance with good pedagogy.

Good pedagogy engages, challenges, encourages and trusts students to do well.

When digital cameras are used in the classroom, it is important that the students are not simply taking photographs, but are enthusiastically using the photographs for purposeful knowledge which allows for engagement and active learning.

Digital cameras have the potential to make the content being taught, come alive.

They can also encourage students to think critically, use reasoning skills and foster curiosity

A useful framework;

1. Acquire: Students take photos and import them into the computer

2. Analyse: Students analyse the images according to the lesson outcome

3. Create: Students use technology to incorporate the images E.g. PowerPoint, blogs, moviemaker

4. Communicate: Students can then present their result to the class or a wider audience via the internet

Example Lesson

During art, students take photos of their artwork. The students then place their photos in move maker and add captions to each photo as an instruction to a procedure.

Safety Considerations

As digital cameras are breakable equipment in children’s hands, teachers should explain the rules of handling and using the cameras appropriately and safely. Students can then undergo training and receive a photographer’s badge which displays the rules on one side and the students’ photo on the front. The students may then be required to wear this around their neck on a piece of string when using the digital cameras.  

Image: Arvind Balaraman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What are your thoughts on incorporating digital cameras into the classroom?

Do you incorporate digital cameras into your classroom?


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