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Claymation allows students to participate in active learning as they work in groups to create clay figures and a set.

Claymation could be a whole term project as the students take photos of the figures in different positions in order to create a mini movie, using video software on the computer. You can provide the students with any criteria you like to coincide with other KLAs and units of work.

Before students begin creating their set and their clay figures, provide students with a storyboard to fill out in order to ensure they have a plan to keep them on task. Each frame within the storyboard will be one photo of the clay figurine. Each photo will be of the figurine in a different pose, creating a sequence of photos to represent a story.

Claymation allows students to demonstrate their learning in a fun, student centred and interactive way.

Useful Sites Explaining Claymation:

Take a look at these claymation videos from YouTube:

Have you used Claymation before?

Would you use Claymation with your class?



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