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Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are essential to any great classroom. Rules clearly state the expectations for behaviour in the classroom and help to develop respect. They are more meaningful if students take part in their formation, with teacher guidance, and it is important to clarify the need for rules with the students.

While many teachers develop rules at the beginning of the school year, they are often displayed at the back of the classroom, hidden and forgotten. Classroom rules can be a great classroom management tool and a teacher’s best friend when used effectively.

Here are some tips for creating your classroom rules and how to use them.

Classroom rules need to be;

–          collectively arrived at

–          few in number

–          positively stated

–          clearly displayed

–          taught

–          referred to when redirecting

–          used and reinforced

–          harmonious with school rules

Classroom rules need to address;

–          movement in the room

–          care of the equipment

–          how to speak to and treat others

–          listening

–          how to work

Once the rules are created, it is important to;

–          role play and demonstrate what the rules are and discuss using examples

–          display them in a prominent part of the classroom

–          discuss logical consequences of breaking the rules

–          refer to to the rules when necessary

–          praise those who follow the rules in order to reinforce them

–          reteach them at the beginning of each term

When role playing and demonstrating the rules, teachers can take photos of the students and use them to make posters of the rules like the one below.

What are your classroom rules?


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