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Bookwork Expectations

I believe it is really important to encourage your students to have neat bookwork in order to foster pride and respect for learning and their belongings. It also eliminates students wasting time using different coloured pens for headings and liquid paper for their mistakes, which I have often seen.

Clear bookwork expectations should be provided at the beginning of the year to each student. Once discussed as a class, the students should receive the bookwork expectations and glue them on the inside cover of each book.

The bookwork expectations may include;

  1. Your book should be covered with clear contact, with your book cover coloured in neatly on the front of your book.
  2. You need to keep your book neat and tidy throughout the year with no graffiti on the outside or inside of the covers.
  3. Margins need to be on every page in red pen. Always use a ruler.
  4. Use a blue pen for writing (pencil for Maths).
  5. Underline in red pen. Always use a ruler.
  6. Write the heading and date every time you start new work.
  7.  Rule off previous work if it does not take up an entire page. Use all pages and try to complete all work.
  8. Corrections should be made with a single straight line drawn through the mistake. E.g. whent.
  9. All worksheets should be cut neatly and glued into books – there should be no corners or edges sticking out.

You may also include space for the student to sign an agreement on the bottom of each sheet, therefore making a personal promise to adhere to the expectations.

Do you value neat bookwork from your students?

Have you implemented bookwork expectations in your class?

What other strategies do you use?

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