Teaching Strategies

A Positive Classroom

Teachers have a very long list of responsibilities, including helping their students to feel positive about themselves. There are simple things a teacher can do to affirm the students in their class which can make a huge impact on each student. When speaking to your students, use their name. Always greet your students and show… Continue reading A Positive Classroom

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Happiness in the Classroom

Happiness should be promoted in every classroom. It is contagious and your students should feel happy to come to class every single day. You can teach your students to think optimistically in many ways. Here are some ideas to get you started: Try having a compliment box in your class. Encourage the students to write… Continue reading Happiness in the Classroom

Behaviour Management · Teaching Strategies

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are essential to any great classroom. Rules clearly state the expectations for behaviour in the classroom and help to develop respect. They are more meaningful if students take part in their formation, with teacher guidance, and it is important to clarify the need for rules with the students. While many teachers develop rules… Continue reading Classroom Rules