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Web 2.0 Online Course

I have completed the WEB 2.0 Online Course offered by the CEO. Below are my reflections of each module. Module One Module one was great revision for me. The YouTube videos really showcased the excitement WEB 2.0 tools can bring to the classroom. I have really enjoyed incorporating Google Apps into my teaching. I would… Continue reading Web 2.0 Online Course

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Stuck in a Rut?

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, both in our personal lives and in our teaching. It’s safe, comfortable and what we know – change is scary and it’s easy to adopt the thinking ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, as teachers we can’t get stuck in a rut. We… Continue reading Stuck in a Rut?

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10 Useful Web 2.0 Tools

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting web tools that have the possibility to be used in meaningful ways in the classroom. They do not only provide the opportunity for learning to be fun, but inspire students to show creativity and enthusiasm in the classroom. Here is a list of some great tools… Continue reading 10 Useful Web 2.0 Tools

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The Benefits of a Class Blog

I have admired a number of class blogs over the last couple of years (see the links on the side of my blog for some great class blogs) and they have inspired me to start my own class blog when I have a class of my own. Click here for a previous post about class blogs. Take… Continue reading The Benefits of a Class Blog

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21st Century Teachers

We are constantly hearing about 21st century students, so what does that mean for teachers? What is a 21st century teacher? I believe that we need to be; continually learning open minded open to discussion, collaboration and sharing reflecting and evaluating supportive of other teachers preparing our students for their future In order to be… Continue reading 21st Century Teachers

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A few weeks ago I didn’t even know what a TeachMeet was, now I have attended two and presented at one. I have become a huge fan and can’t wait to attend the next one!

TeachMeets are fast, entertaining, educational and they are open to everyone. They began in the UK and are now spreading all over the world.

TeachMeets are friendly meetings where teachers get together and present great ideas and what they are doing in their classrooms with technology. The whole idea is to network with other teachers and learn from each other – isn’t that a fantastic idea? (It’s definitely more exciting than the usual staff meeting!)

While you are at the TeachMeet, use the correct hash tag (e.g. #tmsydney) to comment on the presenters as they present and share their great ideas with your Twitter PLN.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on board and get ready to be excited about teaching with technology!

WARNING: the excitement is contagious.

Click here to find out when the next TeachMeet is being held near you!

Have you been to a TeachMeet? What did you enjoy most?

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Classroom Blogs

Ever since I have joined Twitter I have been not only introduced to the idea of classroom blogs, but also to the amazing potential that they can have for student learning. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the 21st century requires students to possess a new set of skills. Learning needs to be more… Continue reading Classroom Blogs