Behaviour Management

Rewarding Right

If you take a look inside a classroom, chances are you will find some sort of reward system in place. Whether it be sticker charts, a clip chart, a marble jar or something else, it probably won’t take you long to spot it. However, have you thought about which children are being rewarded the most… Continue reading Rewarding Right

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Classroom Agreements

On the first day of school, I think it is important to come up with classroom agreements as a class. First, I asked my students what kind of classroom environment they would like to have. I then explained that we needed to come up with classroom agreements about the way we should treat each other, how… Continue reading Classroom Agreements

Behaviour Management

Attention Grabbers

It is so important that teachers are not yelling over the top of students or raising their voice all day trying to get the class to be quiet. Attention grabbers need to be quick and simple. There are so many different ways of grabbing our students’ attention, including: Ringing a bell Clapping Teacher: ‘1,2,3’  Students:… Continue reading Attention Grabbers

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Bullying is such an important issue in our schools and it is often neglected. Click here for a previous post that I have written about bullying. A moving documentary called ‘Bully’ is about to be released in Australia. It is about peer to peer bullying within schools across America. Take a look at the trailer below. It… Continue reading Bullying

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Fast Finishers

If you’re a teacher, then I bet you could name the students in your class who take forever to complete work and those that finish really quickly, without even thinking about it! It is so important that the students who finish their work early have something meaningful to do until it is time to move… Continue reading Fast Finishers

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Adapting Instruction

There are some students who can just be difficult to teach and seem to not want to complete any task you set. So what can you do? One strategy is to adapt instruction. You can’t make anyone do anything, but you can change what you do. You can control what happens in the classroom. As… Continue reading Adapting Instruction

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Bullying disrupts the school environment and learning in classrooms and it should not be tolerated. Teachers need to make it clear to their students that bullying is not acceptable and there needs to be a procedure in place for students to follow if they are bullied or if they see students bullying other students. Students… Continue reading Bullying

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Positive Reinforcement

Every good teacher needs a good behaviour management strategy. Through my study and experiences in the classroom, positive reinforcement is the best strategy. However, it is often neglected. Positive reinforcement is all about reinforcing good behaviour by praising students when they have displayed the desired behaviour. This is in direct contrast to negative consequences which… Continue reading Positive Reinforcement

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Happiness in the Classroom

Happiness should be promoted in every classroom. It is contagious and your students should feel happy to come to class every single day. You can teach your students to think optimistically in many ways. Here are some ideas to get you started: Try having a compliment box in your class. Encourage the students to write… Continue reading Happiness in the Classroom

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Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are essential to any great classroom. Rules clearly state the expectations for behaviour in the classroom and help to develop respect. They are more meaningful if students take part in their formation, with teacher guidance, and it is important to clarify the need for rules with the students. While many teachers develop rules… Continue reading Classroom Rules