Behaviour Management

Rewarding Right

If you take a look inside a classroom, chances are you will find some sort of reward system in place. Whether it be sticker charts, a clip chart, a marble jar or something else, it probably won’t take you long to spot it. However, have you thought about which children are being rewarded the most and what they are being rewarded for?

More often than not, the children who often do not display the desired behaviours are rewarded when they do the right thing and the children who always do the right thing are hardly noticed. This year I want to ensure that I’m not praising what is expected or praising students for being ‘clever’. I want to ensure that I’m praising the children for putting in the effortworking hard and not giving up.

Developing a growth mindset in the classroom is incredibly important and encouraging the students to work hard, be positive and learn from their mistakes can do exactly that. Recently, I read ‘Mindsets in the Classroom’ by Mary Cay Ricci. It is filled with great advice, tasks and strategies teachers can use in their classrooms to help their students become resilient and successful. 


Click here to read a great article which outlines 4 ways to encourage a growth mindset in the classroom. As a growth mindset has been proven to have a beneficial impact on learning and it can be taught, it is our responsibility, as teachers, to help our students develop a growth mindset.

“Praise should deal, not with the child’s personality attributes, but with his efforts and achievements.”
― Carol S. DweckMindset: The New Psychology Of Success

Click here to read a great article a colleague shared with me about how schools are using brain science to help students learn. It reinforces the importance of teaching our students that our brains can grow and change.

Instead of telling a child “Good job!” “You’re so smart!” or “Wrong answer!”, the teachers are encouraged to praise a student’s effort; ask them about another strategy they might try; or even talk directly about how hard their brains are stretching and growing.

– Sarah Wechsler

Click on the links below to download FREE growth mindset posters. They can be used to not only teach your students about having a growth mindset but to remind you to reward a student’s effort.

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