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It isn’t a surprise that primary age children are accessing the internet now more than ever. Parents need to be active in keeping their kids safe online and schools need to guide children to be safe online.

The new NSW Science and Technology syllabus also highlights the importance of ethical understanding.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate ethical digital citizenship as they learn the importance of protecting data, intellectual property, and social and ethical protocols.

– NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus.

Here are some helpful links for parents and teachers to support students in being safe online.


The Smart Talk

This is a fantastic website which encourages parents to sit with their children to have a conversation about being responsible with technology. The site directs the conversation through the following topics:

  • safety and privacy
  • screen time
  • social media and respect
  • apps and downloads
  • texting and calling

As the parents make decisions with their children and answer the questions, rules are being set and the agreement can then be printed at the end.

This website would be great to add to the school newsletter as the website makes it easy for parents to talk to their children and set ground rules together.


Cybersmart Challenge (Office of the eSafety Commissioner)

This is a great website aimed at Year 4 students. The website includes teachers guides, videos, lessons plans and downloadable certificates for the following three topics.

Cybersmart Detectives teaches students to:

  • identify information that should not be posted online.
  • where to seek assistance if things go wrong online.
  • the difference between sensible and risky online behaviour.

Cybersmart Hero teaches students to:

  • identify what cyberbullying is.
  • describe and use strategies in situations where they feel cyberbullied.
  • recognise when to seek help in cyberbullying situations.
  • be a positive bystander in a cyberbullying situation.

Cybersmart Forever teaches students to:

  • understand safe sharing of content/images.
  • describe and use strategies to protect their content/images.
  • recognise when to seek help when sharing content/images.


Be Internet Awesome

Google presents Interland – an online adventure which teaches children about digital safety. As students play the game they are learning fundamental lessons about being a responsible digital citizen. As well as the interactive game there are lesson plans that can help bring the fundamental lessons to life.


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