5 Useful Websites

Take a look at the list of websites below with useful websites/videos/resources to support and enrich your lessons. I’m more than positive that you will find them to be useful throughout the school year (and they will hopefully save you a heap of time!).

  1. Smart Boarding School

A fantastic collection of educational resources to support English, mathematics, science and RE. The useful resources are categorised and easy to find.


2. Reading Australia

This site provides quality and insightful resources to support teachers in bringing Australia’s rich and unique literature into classrooms. The site provides numerous before, during and after reading activities as well as assessment task ideas. It also provides information pertaining to examining text structure and organisation and grammar and vocabulary.


Reading Australia is a fabulous resource for teachers wanting to include top quality Australian books into their curriculum. Absolutely great for the time-poor.

— Jo Anne P, Primary (ACT)

It’s a one-stop shop for lesson ideas that can be used for all year levels and they are linked to ACARA!

— Sharni T, Primary (SA)

3. ICT Games – Infants

This site provides online English and maths games geared towards the infant grades.


4. Room Recess

A collection of learning games (K-6) to support maths, reading, grammar/spelling and typing. Many of their games are a hit with students as they are lots of fun!


5. TesTeach

Simply search the digital lessons library to discover digital lessons, presentations, videos and more on a wide range of topics to support the curriculum – all created by educators.



Happy teaching!

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