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Successful Technology Integration

IMG_8416.JPGMid last year, I wrote an article for ACEL e-Publications about the successful technology
In the article, I discuss the fact that there shouldn’t be such a huge focus on WHY technology needs to be integrated but a shift towards HOW technology can be integrated so that it is meaningful and successful in our classrooms.

In the article, I go into detail about ten ways you can encourage technology integration in your school. The ten examples are listed below.

  • Quick tips
    • Think about sharing tech tips at the beginning of staff meetings.
  • Twitter
    • Get your staff on board and active on Twitter.
  • Modelling
    • Incorporate tech in staff meetings in order to inspire teachers.
  • Tech Tips For Parents
    • Add a technology corner in your school newsletter providing useful apps or websites for parents to download for their children.
  • Technology Lesson
    • Set aside some time to specifically teach your students how to use a tool.
  • Technology Needs
    • Identify the needs of each grade regarding technology. It should be a school priority to continue to provide devices in order to meet the needs of the students.
  • Genius Session
    • Consider implementing a Genius Session across the school where students participate in different activities which encourage creativity including a technology session.
  • ICT Resources
    • Consider creating a cupboard of ICT resources. E.g. headphones, iPad adapters, Makey-Makey kits.
  • Support
    • Foster a culture of sharing, support, trust and openness among the staff.
  • Staff Site
    • Develop a page on your staff site dedicated to digital pedagogy.

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