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Another school year is done and dusted and the Christmas holidays are finally here! I love this time of year because I finally have the time to do all of the things I didn’t have time for during the busy school year and this long overdue review of products from R.I.C Publications is one of them!

R.I.C Publications is the largest supplementary resource publisher in Australia which aims to solve problems and challenges that teachers encounter every day in the classroom. They generously sent out a few products for me to use with my class this year and I was pleasantly surprised. Take a look at the products below.

Time MattersTime Matters

This book outlines how children may be taught time concepts, ranging from telling the time to the language of time and duration.


  • Useful background information and tips regarding the development of understanding time.
  • Issues that need to be considered are highlighted in order to help teachers to address any misconceptions children may have and unpack difficult ideas.
  • A list of time-related phrases that may benefit students and their understanding of time.
  • A list of children’s literature which introduce children to time.
  • Useful resources and fantastic lesson ideas, including:
    • The Calendar – reading calendars can be a difficult task for young children and this book provides fantastic lesson ideas. I love the blank calendar activity – it is a great activity to extend those children who are ready to create their own calendar and create their own questions.
    • Telling the time games, including ‘Clock Bingo’ and ‘Time Dominoes’. The children in my class absolutely loved playing these games and they reinforced the concepts taught in previous lessons!

Teaching Comprehension StrategiesComprehension

Comprehension strategies allow readers to understand the meaning of a text and they also enhance language and vocabulary knowledge. This book allows teachers to model each strategy, followed by the children practising as a group then applying the skill on their own using the same text.


  • A variety of quality texts which may be used in Shared Reading.
  • Questions which enable the students to practise each comprehension strategy.
  • The layout remains the same throughout the entire book which allows the children to become familiar with the routine.
  • The ‘on your own’ page may be used for assessment purposes.
  • Very easy to use.

English Skills PracticeEnglish Skills

This book helps to consolidate and develop the ability and confidence of the students in your class to use English.


  • Daily practice of spelling, punctuation, phonics, word knowledge and grammar.
  • Easy to use – whole class, small group or individual work
  • The children in my class really enjoyed completing the 10 questions and enjoyed discussing the answers within their small groups.

Reading for SuccessReading for Success

This book provides activities which are linked to the Australian Curriculum focusing on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.


  • Background information for the teacher.
  • Activities specific to each key element of reading.
  • Detailed explanations for each activity.
  • Resources provided for each activity.
  • Assessment charts/rubrics for teacher use
  • Answers provided

Click here to visit the R.I.C publications website to view and purchase these great products and more today! These books have saved me so much time and have made planning lessons so much easier. You also receive a FREE BOOK of your choice for all orders over AUD $200.

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