10 Ways to Transform Your Teaching

1619648_10152989218839268_1464629793034054793_nI recently wrote an article for ACEL e-Publications about the importance of authentic learning. In the article, I discuss authentic learning being overused in many blog posts, tweets, articles and staff meetings; however, it is often presented very vaguely with little to no specific examples of what it actually looks like in a classroom.

Therefore, in the article I go into detail about ten practical and achievable examples of how you can ensure your students are immersed in meaningful authentic learning experiences. The ten examples are listed below.

  • Google Hangouts and Skype
  • Twitter in Education
  • Design Thinking
  • Valuable Opportunities
  • Start an ICT Club
  • Blogging
  • Student Voice
  • Digital Technologies
  • Timetabling
  • Physical Space

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 What do you believe is essential if learning is to be authentic?


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