Teaching With a Vision

photo 2I recently wrote an article for ACEL e-Publications about the importance of teachers having a vision and 10 questions teachers should ask themselves in order to continually reflect on themselves as teachers.

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Teachers should have their own vision statement in order to continue working towards their main purpose and to stay present in each moment. I came up with the following vision statement for myself.

“As a teacher, I aim to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity and sheer determination. Our classroom is a place where students feel important, respected, cared for and believed in. I am a teacher who makes it possible for her students to reach their full potential, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, give and receive feedback, create and try their best. In our classroom, real world problems are solved and each student believes that they can make a difference in this world. Together, we celebrate each other’s success and inspire each other to be the best person that we can be.”

Take the time to come up with your own vision statement and feel free to share it below.

6 thoughts on “Teaching With a Vision

  1. Hi Ashley,
    WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Can I ask, as much as I love technology, it’s also something I get anxious about. When it comes to facebook, twitter, instagram etc do you have your own personal accounts? I have my own facebook and instagram account and make sure it’s private. I have also changed my last name so students cannot access or find my page. Do you also do this?
    I will continue to view your blog. Do you mind if I share your blog on my page?

    Kind regards,
    Jessica Grima


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you very much! I do have my own personal accounts for for Facebook and Instagram. I have used my full name but they are private. If students do find me and follow me, they can’t without permission. Students can follow my Twitter account but I only use it for educational purposes so it doesn’t really matter if they follow me – I just don’t follow them.

      You sure can share my blog, that would be great!

      Take care and let me know if I can help in any way.

      Kind regards,


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