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Inspiring Creativity in Our Students

Children are naturally curious, so where does it go as they grow older and what can we do, as teachers, to inspire it? Mathew Green wrote that classrooms and schools should be the most innovative, creative and, in many ways, ‘non-realistic’ places in our society. Click here to read more.

This is a great YouTube video about how Bates Middle School made a difference by incorporating the arts across all subject areas.

It is our job to foster the curiosity of our students and not squash their imaginations. So how do we do it? Take a look at the list that I have come up with to integrate art and creativity into education.

Provide the students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning as they complete the following.

  • Take photos of their work and annotating it (e.g. take photos of angles around the school and label them).
  • Drawing (e.g. draw a treasure map with directions, including a right angle, acute angle and obtuse angle).
  • Painting (e.g. research the layers of the rainforest and the animals that live in each layer and paint it).
  • Creating a comic strip (e.g. illustrate what you just read using a comic strip).
  • Devising a play (e.g. devise a play about a Bible story).
  • Writing and performing a rap (e.g. devise a rap of a multiplication table that you need to practise).
  • Creating and recording an advertisement (create an advertisement for a product and include its net mass and product mass).
  • Writing a creative story (e.g. write a story involving the planets).

Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys are a great resource to inspire creativity and encourage students to use their imaginations. There are 20 different keys which encourage students to think about what they are learning in different and creative ways. I use the Thinkers Keys as warm ups in many of my lessons. Click here and here for more information and resources.

The YouTube video below sums up why integrating art into education is important.


 How will you integrate art and encourage creativity in your classroom?

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