Teaching Strategies

Compliment Wall

I came across this great blog post about ‘student shout outs’. The post was about encouraging students to share positive statements or compliments in an anonymous way. It inspired me to create a compliment wall for my class. I provided the students with a card with a student name on the top. The students were instructed to silently write an anonymous compliment about that person. Once they had written a compliment, they were to put their hand in the air and I would take their card and give them another. This process was repeated until each card had a number of compliments.

It was great to see the students writing positive things about students they may not be close friends with and it was even better to see their faces when they read the compliments on their card. Each day we pass the bulletin board several times and it reminds the students to make others smile and read positive things about themselves.

I now ask the students to share how they made someone smile each day. It’s so important to promote a positive environment where the students encourage and support each other.

How do you promote a positive environment in your classroom? 

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