10 Ways to Inspire Our Students

Today, I stumbled across the word ‘inspire’ and it caused me to stop and wonder about how I am inspiring my students. As teachers, it’s important that we are inspiring our students, however, it isn’t an easy task. Here are ten ways that I have come up with regarding how we can inspire our students to be their best.

  1. Show your students that you care about them. Genuinely show interest in each student. Find out their likes/dislikes, what they do out of school, what they did on the weekend and how they like to learn.
  2. Purpose. Provide our students with purpose as to why they are learning what they are learning or doing what they are doing. Link it to a profession or a skill they will develop. For example area and perimeter is used by architects and readings helps you to become a better reader and writer.
  3. Be a good example. Our students watch what we do – be someone they can look up to.
  4. Challenge your students to do their best. Set challenges for your students and provide support as they need it. We often learn the most when we have faced challenges in our lives. 
  5. Encourage your students. Encourage them, not only in class when with their writing, reading and mathematics, but also to be the best person they can be.
  6. Get inspired. If we want our students to be inspired, we should also be inspired. Be a motivated teacher by collaborating with other teachers, attending TeachMeets, reading blogs and tweets and looking at pins on Pinterest.
  7. Do as you say. Teachers are always telling students what they should be doing, whether it be to read more, tuck their shirts in, show respect or take pride in their work. It’s important that we hold ourselves to the same expectations.
  8. Praise. Let your students know when they are doing something well. Every time I let a student know that they have made an improvement or that I can see they are working hard, excitement  and motivation rushes over them and they work harder.
  9. Choice. Allow the students to have choice in their classroom and use the tools they like to show their learning. It’s amazing how inspired a student can be when they are able to choose from a range of activities or tools,  such as Prezi, Go!Animate, Google Docs, creating an interview or a song rather than always writing in their books.
  10. Share. Many students see teachers as special kind of humans who live at school. Share your stories and experiences, allow your students to see you as someone they can relate to.

How do you inspire your students?


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3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Inspire Our Students

  1. Your blog is an inspiration to all who read it; in just a few paragraphs you have sumed up what teaching is really all about. It about being motivated to motivate, flexible to understand that all children learn differently and that we must differentiate our teaching to give every child an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential.


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