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What if students controlled their own learning?

When I think about how I want students to be learning in my classroom, I imagine them carrying out the following.

  • Demonstrating their learning with confidence
  • Owning their learning
  • Presenting their work using a variety of tools
  • Challenging themselves
  • Enjoying learning
  • Discovering
  • Collaborating
  • Creating 

When I look back, the times the students are checking off each item on the above list, from Mathematics to Religion, is when they are provided with the opportunity to take control of their own learning – the students choose how they learn and how they present their knowledge. We need to be constantly asking ourselves how we can best encourage and facilitate our students to take greater control of their learning. 

In my classroom, students are taking control of their learning as they complete the following.

  • In H.S.I.E and Science, the students are able to select an activity and present it using one of the many provided tools/methods of their choice.
  • In Mathematics, apps such as ‘Show Me’ are used for students to create instructional videos to show to the class and peer teach.

Take a look at – it’s a great website which features many instructional videos created by students.

Students owning and taking control of their learning ties in nicely with the flipped classroom model and it’s a good start. Click here, here and here for more information regarding the flipped classroom.

We need to be asking ourselves how our students can deliver the why and how and how teachers can facilitate and enable them.

How do your students control their own learning?


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