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Task Cards

Teachers Pay Teachers is such a great site! It allows teachers and educators to upload resources they have made and sell them to teachers. I have found so many great resources that I have been able to easily implement in my classroom. Rachel Lynette is one of the stores on TpT that I love. She has created fantastic resources that are incredibly useful, particularly her task cards.   They are sets of cards that are ready to be printed, cut out and laminated and come in all kinds of topics. Here are a few examples of how I have been using the task cards in my classroom.

1. Guided Reading

  • As I hear a group of students read each day during guided reading, we focus on a particular reading/comprehension strategy, e.g. author’s purpose, main idea, inferring  visualising, predicting etc .
  • Using the text the students are reading, we discuss the strategy.
  • To conclude the session I read out a couple of the task cards pertaining to the strategy and the students practise the strategy.
  • This is the students’ favourite part of the session.

Visualising Task Cards

   Author's Purpose Task CardsMain Idea Task Cards

2. English – Text Types

  • During term 1, the students have been learning about persuasive texts.
  • Persuasive texts require cause and effect relationships
  • Once the students had gained a good understanding of cause and effect relationships, I introduced the cause and effect task cards as a warm up.
  • I read out the task card and I selected students to identify the cause and effect.
  • They then worked in their table groups to come up with a sentence using cause and effect words to put the cause and effect together. The students get very excited and try to use different cause and effect words each time.
  • Click here for the cause and effect poster I handed out to each table group (it looks good when printed on  coloured paper and laminated).

Cause and Effect Task Cards3. Spelling

  • I have some students who are struggling to learn their spelling words each week.
  • One guided reading group uses the spelling task cards to practise their spelling words.
  • The task cards provide a variety of interesting activities that the students can choose from.

Spelling Task Cards

I’m really looking forward to implementing the mathematics task cards into my future math lessons! The possibilities are endless!


How do you use Rachel Lynette’s task cards? 

2 thoughts on “Task Cards

  1. I have two problems with this idea.

    1. Teaching is a collaborative profession, so the idea of charging other teachers for resources you have made just seems wrong to me. This is also one of the potential problems of ‘performance based pay’, that teachers will keep their ideas to themselves. Who does this hurt? Our students.

    2. As far as legality goes, basically anything you make while being paid by your boss (ie, Education Dept, school), the copyright belongs to them. So selling something you’ve done during work hours may very well end up with you in some serious strife, as you do not own the copyright.


    1. Hi AJ,

      Thanks for commenting. I understand your points, however I disagree. I don’t think TPT stops teachers from collaborating and sharing ideas within schools. There will always be teachers who do not like to share, however I believe most teachers freely share their resources and I don’t think TPT will change that. In fact, TPT allows teachers to share their resources with a wider audience. I’m sure I speak for many teachers when I say that I don’t mind spending a few dollars on a great resource and I absoloutely don’t mind that my money is going to a teacher.

      As for your second point, I doubt the teachers are creating their resources during work hours so there is no problem there.

      Thanking you,


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