Presentation Tools

I really believe that it is important for students to present their work in a variety of different ways. When the students are introduced to new tools they become excited and motivated to present their work. Every student prefers a different method, giving them a choice encourages them to produce their best work.  The variety of activities encourages the students to use their talents and use relevant 21st century tools.

At the moment, my year five class is studying rainforests. The students have been given many ideas to present their tasks, including the following.


How do your students present their work?

2 thoughts on “Presentation Tools

    1. Hi Abdul,

      That’s a great question. I have a year five class (9-10 yrs old) so they are quite good at trying the new websites and apps on the iPads. Some students are better than others at learning to use new tools and they help other students. I also help students as they begin using them, however I mostly encourage the students to play and figure things out by trial and error. There are always going to be new websites and new apps to use, the students need to know how to play with them and figure out how to use new tools. I often provide hints to help students along if needed. The websites and apps are also quite easy to use once you get the hang of them.



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