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Classroom Agreements

On the first day of school, I think it is important to come up with classroom agreements as a class. First, I asked my students what kind of classroom environment they would like to have. I then explained that we needed to come up with classroom agreements about the way we should treat each other, how we should answer and ask questions, what we should do when people are talking, how we can help each other and how the students should work. I prefer ‘classroom agreements’ opposed to ‘rules’ because I wanted something the whole class could feel ownership of and understand that the classroom agreements would help us to achieve the type of classroom environment they wanted.

The class came up with: we treat others the way we would like to be treated, we put our hand up to answer and ask questions, we try our best, we celebrate each other’s success, we listen when someone is talking and we are a team. I also took photos of the students demonstrating the classroom agreement. Click here to see the post on Five White’s class blog.

The agreements are placed at the front of the classroom and are referred to when students are following and not following them.

Classroom Agreements

How did you create classroom agreements/class rules with your class?

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