Parent Information Evening

This year, the school I work at tackled the parent/teacher interviews at the beginning of the year a little differently. Instead of a sole quick interview between the teachers and the parents where the parents told the teacher about their child and the teacher told the parents how their child was in the classroom, the night began with all the families and teachers meeting in the hall. Here, the principal, assistant principal and executive staff spoke about the school, the aims of the school and how students learn.

From there the parents went to the classrooms belonging to their child’s grade to listen to the teachers give a presentation about how their children are learning in the classroom. The presentation included the following.

  • The structure of a mathematics lesson.
  • The guided reading activities.
  • Resources students use to help them learn in the classroom.
  • An introduction to and an explanation of the class blog.
  • How students learn in each subject (including examples of activities they complete).
  • Question and answer time.

The parents also had an opportunity to have an individual meeting with the classroom teacher before and after the presentation. Talking to the parents about how the children are learning at school is important as it helps them to help their children learn at home. It also helps the parents to gain a greater understanding of what is happening at school.


Renjith Krishnan /

What approach does your school take regarding parent/teacher meetings?

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