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It has been a dream of mine to have a class blog where my students can learn to comment, improve their writing, reflect on their learning and share their learning with their families. Dreams certainly can come true! I couldn’t be happier with how my students have been responding to the blog.  They have been so excited and their comments are improving each day.

We begin most days by looking at one of our posts and how to write a quality comment (I got the idea from Kathleen Morris – her posts about class blogs have been really helpful). We write comments together and look at the students’ comments and talk about how we could improve them. We also look at other class blogs and compose comments together to leave on their blogs. Up until now, I have been replying to every comment. From now on, I will be taking a step back and encouraging the students to reply to comments as well as leave comments on posts.

I have received great feedback from the parents, many of them have said how much they love being able to be a part of what is happening at school. Some of them have already left a comment on our blog. I think it is really important for the parents to be involved.  Kathleen Morris also provides great tips for involving parents (click here), I have used her handouts as a guide to create my own in order to help parents to understand what a blog is, the purpose for the blog and to navigate the blog. There is also information for parents on the pages of our class blog: guidelines, quality comments and why we blog. I hope to write posts specifically for parents to respond to in the future.

Feel free to click here and take a look at Five White’s class blog, subscribe and leave us a comment!


Do you have a class blog? How have your students responded?

Please share the link to your class blog, Five White would love to connect with other classes!

5 thoughts on “Five White’s Class Blog

  1. Dear Ashley,

    I have just come across your amazing Class Blog (Five White’s) featuring the Just Like You! program. It’s absolutely brilliant and we would love to mention it on our organisation’s website. Would this be all right with you?

    Your dedication to your students and compassion for others is inspiring!

    Kind regards,

    Perri-Lee Sandell | Just Like You! Program Coordinator | Volunteer and Corporate Engagement
    Cerebral Palsy Alliance
    187 Allambie Rd, Allambie Heights, NSW
    PO Box 184, Brookvale, NSW 2100
    T +61 2 9975 8743 | M 0458 307166 | F +61 2 9451 2516


  2. Hi Ashley,

    Just wanted to let you know we have featured your class blog on our website! Unfortunately, our Marketing Dept has been really busy due to our latest fundraising Campaign (Steptember)…..I know it’s school holidays, so apologies for the timing.

    Kind regards,


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