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Effective communication in the classroom is essential if the teacher and students are to succeed. The kind of communication and the amount of communication is said to be linked to the seating arrangements of the students in the classroom. Evidently, seating arrangements in a classroom is a really important decision. There are so many options, with the most popular being rows, groups and horse shoe.

The following questions may be useful when thinking about your classroom design:

  • How much thought have you given to the seating arrangements in your classroom?
  • How often do you change the seating arrangements throughout the year?
  • Have you moved students as you get to know them to ensure they are in the best position possible for them to learn?
  • Does your current seating arrangement match the kind and amount of communication you would like to take place in your students’ learning?
  • Did you involve the students in the design process?
  • Do you provide students with freedom to move around while working?
  • Are you using your space effectively?
  • Are your students provided with the opportunity to work where they are comfortable?
  • Are students seated next to students they work well with?
  • Does the current seating arrangement assist students’ learning?
  • Do you have a range of seating options, for example desks, bean bags, cushions, ottomans, pillows, rug…?

What seating arrangement do you have in your classroom?


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5 thoughts on “Classroom Design

  1. Hi there!
    I too am embarking on my career next year, in a primary school. I have been assigned to a Year One classroom and am currently working on the classroom design.
    I too believe that the arrangement of the classroom impacts everything, from behaviour management, relationships with parents, each child’s relationships with their peers through to my own enjoyment in the classroom each day.
    I hope we can connect and bounce off each other to build ideas throughout the next twelve months!
    Jemma 🙂


  2. The only major exception in our school is my classroom, the layout of which can be seen here. Students in my class are grouped into team stations positioned around the room with a center table for conferencing and a sofa for breakout reading sessions. seating for schools


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