Reflection and Evaluation

I truly believe that in order to grow as professionals we need to be continually reflecting on and evaluating our teaching. By reflecting and evaluating we can think about any possible changes we could make to the lesson or unit to improve the learning for our students and ultimately be the best teachers that we can be.

Think about your programs.

  • Do you have space dedicated to evaluation?
  • Do you have evaluation questions?
  • Do you put a lot of thought into your evaluations?
  • Do you write your thoughts down?
  • Do you make changes as a result of your evaluations?

Teachers should reflect and evaluate after each lesson and jot down some thoughts about what was great about the lesson and what could be improved. At the end of a unit, evaluation questions should be answered.

For example:

  • Were the students engaged?
  • Were the outcomes achieved by the end of the unit?
  • Did the activities cater for a variety of learning styles?
  • Did the activities build towards the completion of the rich task?
  • Were the resources suitable?
  • Did the resources help the students gain a greater understanding?
  • Did the students need extra clarification/revision?
  • Did the students work well in groups/individually?
  • What changes/modifications could be made when programming this unit in the future?
  • Was an adequate amount of time allocated for the unit?
  • Were the assessment tasks effective in assessing the unit outcomes and indicators?
  • Were the students challenged?

@carpenk also brought up great suggestions. At the end of a unit, the students could be included in the evaluation process. Perhaps providing the older students with a survey and a class brainstorm for the younger students about what they liked/disliked, what they learnt and what else they would like to know about the unit. Throughout the unit, students could put suggestions in an anonymous suggestion box, video record their feedback, participate in informal class discussions, comment on a blog post about the unit and much more.

Do you evaluate your lessons/units of work?

Do you have any evaluation questions you could add?

Do you include your students in the evaluation process?


2 thoughts on “Reflection and Evaluation

  1. Kid evaluation is the best type of evaluation. My students are constantly providing me with feedback on my practice and their learning processes. At the start of the year it is hard because the kids don’t understand what I am looking for but as time goes on it becomes much easier.


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