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10 Useful Web 2.0 Tools

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting web tools that have the possibility to be used in meaningful ways in the classroom. They do not only provide the opportunity for learning to be fun, but inspire students to show creativity and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Here is a list of some great tools that I have either used in the past or that I am excited to use in the future!


Turn your photos, video clips and music into a great video. A great idea to brighten up your blog posts and best of all, it is fast, free and easy!


Wordle is a word cloud generator. It can be used by students as an activity, as a display in your classroom or a whole class activity at the beginning and/or end of a unit.


A great communication tool to present your ideas in an exciting and new way. Useful for any presentation, from staff meetings to introducing a topic to your students. Click here for an example on a previous post.


Easily create stories ready to share, read and print. Create one to share with your students and challenge your students to publish their stories online.


A fun and interactive way for students to create timelines.


Students can create their own online magazine as an activity or an assessment.


Students are able to turn their words into a 3D animated movie.


Students can create their very own comic strips to illustrate their knowledge.


Teachers can create a video to explain or reinforce a topic and get their students to illustrate their knowledge on any topic. Click here for an example on a previous post.

Photo Peach

Easily create interactive slideshows with your photos.

Have you used these tools before?

Have you come across any other useful web tools to use in the classroom?

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