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Project Based Learning

We have all heard about project based learning, but what exactly is it? Take a look at the following useful videos that provide great explanations about project based learning.

As teachers, we always need to be looking for new and exciting ways to teach our 21st century students to the best of our ability. Project based learning is one way we can do exactly that.

Project based learning allows students to:

  • come up with a solution to a real world problem
  • be inspired and engaged
  • research their topic
  • work collaboratively
  • develop confidence
  • work independently
  • use the knowledge they gain
  • use technology in the classroom
  • solve problems and think critically
  • present their findings and solutions in a variety of ways

Teachers need to:

  • develop a clear purpose for the project
  • carefully design the project
  • pose challenging questions
  • support collaboration
  • measure the intended learning outcomes in an effective ways
  • model problem solving strategies
  • use real life problems

Click here for more information about PBL and click here, here and here for amazing PBL ideas and resources!

Have you used PBL in your classroom? Are you interested in using it? Let me know what your thoughts are about PBL!


6 thoughts on “Project Based Learning

  1. hello
    I am a teacher of english at a high school in Algeria , I would like to thank

    you so much for this wonderful site,when i’ ve read the articles and watched the videos about the project based learning i’ ve got the inspiration on how to carry out my sessions with regard to the targeted objective which is the project
    Thanks a lot
    Mrs S.Abawi


  2. PBL is the way to go to engage primary students. I have been teaching this way for the last two years and have still a lot to learn and experiment with in my classroom. It great to see so many new scheme teachers catching this wave!


  3. Love to hear about U . I also love teaching. I never taught actually. I m still a student. My dream is to set up a school for poor children in my country Pakistan. I come across to your blog just by googling about Problem based education even in primary schools. I talked about it on social media. People were making fun of me. Hence I start googling. I told people that there is a method where teacher is just a helper and a guide etc.


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