Teaching Strategies

Mathematics is everywhere!

Math surrounds us. It is everywhere, even if we don’t realise it. I’m a big believer in teaching our students that mathematics is everywhere. If we provide our students with real world examples and provide reasoning for what we are teaching them and what they are learning, it gives the lesson substance and meaning for what we are doing in the classroom, it also makes it a little more fun!

In mathematics, try to incorporate real world examples and relate it to occupations. Set up a display in your classroom where mathematics can be found in our world and invite your students to find images and information to add to the display.

A list of some occupations that use mathematics:

  • Astronaut – velocity, time, temperature, diameter, distance …
  • Camera Operator – Angles, distance, measurement …
  • Architect – perimeter, area, geometry, measurement, scaling …
  • Design – computer graphics and mathematical modelling, geometric design, cost effective …
  • Air traffic control – probability, simulations, statistics …
  • Doctor – problem solving, prescribe medication …

Mathematics in the environment:

  • Patterns in bricks
  • Symmetry in plants
  • Patterns of rings in the stump of a tree
  • Seperation of land to be sold
  • Earth is a sphere
  • Groups of things
  • Time

Click here and here for interesting websites about math being everywhere.

Here is a fun song about mathematics to share with your students. Beware, it is very catchy!

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