Behaviour Management

Attention Grabbers

It is so important that teachers are not yelling over the top of students or raising their voice all day trying to get the class to be quiet. Attention grabbers need to be quick and simple. There are so many different ways of grabbing our students’ attention, including:

  • Ringing a bell
  • Clapping
  • Teacher: ‘1,2,3’  Students: ‘Eyes on me’
  • Teachers asks students to put their hands on their heads, nose, shoulders, knees, lips …
  • Asking students to raise their hands in the air
  • Teacher: ‘Boom, chicka, boom’ Students: repeat (T repeats, getting quieter every time)
  • Variation of Simon Says – Teacher models actions while saying ‘do this’ and students copy. When teacher says ‘do that’ instead of ‘do this’, the students are not to copy. If they do, they are out.

Click here for more great ideas.

Getting students to the floor can often be a struggle at times as they somehow find the longest way possible to get to the floor! Encourage your students to get to the floor quickly by playing a video for them to watch or dance to. I find that the students love coming to watch a funny video or dance as a brain break between lessons. I always like to praise the students who get to the floor quickly and stop what they are doing and listen. Click here to take a look at the videos I have pinned on Pinterest.

How do you grab the attention of your students?

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