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Our Students and Technology

The students at Robin Hood School, Birmingham really got me thinking about what should be happening in our classrooms.

  • Are you catering to the 21st century learners?
  • Do you use iPods, iPads, computers, digital cameras and the interactive whiteboard?
  • Have you created and used podcasts and blogs?
  • Are you using technology in meaningful ways?
  • Are your students self reliant?
  • Are you providing your students with choices?
  • Are you allowing your students to be global citizens?
  • Are your students analysing and evaluating in creative ways?
  • Do your students care about what they are doing in your classroom each day?
  • How do your students communicate?
  • Are your students being challenged?
  • Are your students engaged?

This one year old girl is applying what she has learnt from an iPad to a magazine and it reminds me of this post I read. Technology is her environment. When the magazine doesn’t behave in the same way as an iPad, she becomes frustrated. Are you prepared to have a class full of students like her in your classroom in four years time?

What’s happening in your classroom?

What can you improve on?

What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Our Students and Technology

  1. Another thought provoking post Ashley. Both videos lead us as teachers to think about our use of technology. You have given me a few things to think about. My class uses a blog to share our learning and integrates tech into most lessons. As a teacher I tick many of the points on your check list but I know I can continue to improve my teaching to create an environment where 21C learners will be engaged by analysing evaluating, creating and collaborating globally.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Courtney,

      Thank you! I’m so glad that this post has inspired you to think about your teaching. It is great to hear that you blog to share your learning and integrate tech into your lessons. There is always something we can improve on and many of the questions posed in this post need to be continually checked off, they cannot simply be checked off the to-do list once they have been completed in a single lesson.

      There are some great teachers out there with great ideas regarding getting their students engaged and collaborating globally. You might be interested in Kathleen Morris who has written some great posts about her class blog and their blogging buddies across the world

      Good luck and freel free to let me know how you go!



  2. You raise many interesting questions in your post. I have been teaching in remote QLD for 3 years and we have only just received interactive whiteboards in some classes and in our resources centre. They have been a fantastic addition to my teaching but I also find that technology can bring its own complications – especially in relation to teacher confidence (and competence?) when using technology. It can be a challenge to integrate but I’ve found small steps are best.

    I have also just recently created several edStudios through the learning place ( where my students have access to email, blogging, forums, chat and other electronic education resources that I can select and moderate to cater for diversity and appropriateness. This is sometimes challenging for my students who are not familiar with the technology but, again, small steps are crucial to ensure students practice and access the technology often enough to become confident.

    Finally, an iPhone was the best thing I ever purchased! I love when a students asks me a question and I can toss them my iPhone and we have the answer in seconds. Showing students that knowledge is at our fingertips (and that I don’t actually have all the answers) is a valuable part of my classroom.


    1. Hi Tess,

      I love your positive attitude! I agree, technology does have its own complications (just like everything else!) but you are right – small steps are best!

      The edStudios sound great! I know what you mean about an iPhone, it is invaluable – I don’t know how I lived without it! Thank you for sharing what you are doing in your classroom!



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