Primary School Graduate

Take a moment to think about what qualities you would like a year 6 student to leave primary school with.

These are the words that I would like to be used to describe a year 6 student;

  • respectful
  • a proficient eLearner
  • literate
  • numerate
  • confident
  • globally aware
  • caring and compassionate towards others
  • critically aware
  • high self esteem and self aware
  • positive attitude
  • willing to continue learning
  • capable of resolving conflict
  • problem solver
  • able to express their views
  • good listener and communicator
  • empathetic
  • active citizen
  • open minded

Now think about happens in your classroom. Are you working towards shaping your students to encompass those qualities?

How are you working towards these qualities in your classroom?

What can you work on in your classroom?

What can you add to the list?


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