Integrating KLAs

With the increasing content teachers are required to teach, successful and purposeful integration of KLAs is necessary and a great way for students to experience deep learning and understanding.

The inaugural Primary Teachers Network (PTN) professional learning event, “M.E.S.H. Mapping: Your GPS to the new curriculum” which focussed on an integrated approach to teaching and learning Maths, English, Science and History in the primary classroom really highlighted how KLAs can be integrated.

A good point to remember is that true integration means that outcomes from both KLAs can be assessed.

The KLAs shouldn’t be forced, it needs to be purposeful in order for students to gain a deep understanding.

Here are some examples;

English and PDHPE

  • Read the picture book The Lion and the Mouse.
  • Use text to discuss he images and how they enhance the text
  • Discuss the lion and his decision to let the mouse go.
  • Students take on the role of the mouse or the lion and ask the characters questions about their decisions.
    • For example; In what ways are … and … alike or different? What would happen if …? Explain why … How did you feel when … ?
  • Discuss conflict resolution
    • Stop – Count to 10
    • Think – What is the problem? How do I feel?
    • Choose – Choose the best solution
    • Do

Mathematics and Music

  • Collect data about the students’ favourite type of music, favourite song and so on.
  • Students devise a song about a mathematic concept which may be done as a class or in groups. Students may use the background music to an existing song and change the lyrics to a mathematical concept while keeping to a beat.
  • You will be surprised with what you students can come up with!

History and Drama

  • Students are provided with a primary source (e.g. a photograph) and each student is asked to freeze as each of the characters at a particular time in the dilemma.
  • Students mould other students (their whole body, including their face) to be a statue of each character.
  • The selected students are placed in the middle of the class.
  • The teacher leads discussion about each character.
  • The students are asked to stand behind the character they feel the ‘most sorry for’.
  • The students explain their reason and the teacher brings perspectives into the discussion.

There are so many opportunities for meaningful and purposeful integration. It is up to you and your creativity!

What are your thoughts about integration?

How have you integrated KLAs in your classroom?


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