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21st Century Teachers

We are constantly hearing about 21st century students, so what does that mean for teachers? What is a 21st century teacher?

I believe that we need to be;

  • continually learning
  • open minded
  • open to discussion, collaboration and sharing
  • reflecting and evaluating
  • supportive of other teachers
  • preparing our students for their future

In order to be the best teachers that we can be for our students and achieve each item on the above list, we need to take advantage of all that we have available to us, including;

  • Twitter: Be an active participant – tweet useful ideas, websites and thoughts, retweet great ideas you like, build up a library of resources you have discovered because of twitter. See the purpose tab on my blog and this post.
  • Facebook Pages: There are so many useful facebook pages which share amazing ideas and are dedicated to teachers. ‘Like’ my facebook page and have a look at the facebook pages that I am following to get you started. Maybe even start your own facebook page.
  • Pinterest: Sign up to Pinterest and ‘pin’ all the images that inspire you. The ideas and creativity out there is amazing – I guarantee that you will be hooked and see something you have never thought of before. Click on the Pinterest link on the side of my blog to get you started.
  • Blogging: Sign up to teaching blogs that you like so you receive an email each time they write a post, take a look at the list on the side of my blog for some great blogs. Be inspired, read comments and join in on the conversation. Maybe even start your own blog to share your ideas and inspire others.
  • TeachMeets: Attend TeachMeets whenever you can to hear what teachers are doing in their classrooms and to share what you are doing in yours with technology. See the previous blog post.

Be inspired and have fun! Use the great ideas you find and implement them in your classroom and then let other teachers know how it went.

What are you doing as a 21st century teacher?

What is a 21st century teacher, to you?

3 thoughts on “21st Century Teachers

  1. I like the fact that the first thing on your list is “continually learning”. It’s a zen teaching that we should aspire to having a “beginner’s mind”. It’s so easy once you have been doing something for a long time to fall into the trap of thinking you have it all together. But beginners are willing to try new things, explore new ideas and take risks because they don’t have too much to lose. As a result it’s often beginners who make great strides forward and do things that are really innovative. The hard part is to gain experience without losing the beginners’ mind.


  2. This is the quote I was thinking of: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks so much for the comment. You make a great point – we can never come to the conclusion that we now know it all – we are always continually learning in order for us to continually be the best teachers that we can be. That is a great quote for us all to keep in mind!



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