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The Benefits of Twitter and Blogging

I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the TeachMeet held at Australian Catholic University last night. Not only were the presentations incredibly inspiring, but the energy and enthusiasm felt in the entire room was unbelievably motivational.

Take a look at #tmsydney for some inspiring people to follow and to read about some interesting points made in the presentations.

Below is a brief overview of my presentation about the benefits of Twitter and Blogging.

We are teaching in the 21st century, which means we need to teach in a way that suits our 21st century students. We need to ensure our students are learning the skills they need. After all, the top ten jobs in 2010, didn’t even exist in 2004. We need to prepare our students for jobs that don’t yet exist, to use technologies hat haven’t been invented yet in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

So how do we do this? We need to keep moving forward. We need to be 21st century teachers. We need to demonstrate bold digital age leadership and unconstrained vision. What is your vision for your students in the 21st century?

This is where Twitter and Blogging come in. I have connected with teachers from all over the world, including; Australia, America, Ireland, England and India. Principals, teachers, members of the CEO, ICT specialists, experts in education – these people can be hand picked by you to be in your PLN. Their knowledge, thoughts and advice are literally at your finger tips.

Twitter and my blog have become part of my daily routine. Whenever I see a tweet that I find interesting or useful, I save it on a document for future reference. That document is now pages and pages long, full of useful ideas.

Twitter has provided me with tips for my first year of teaching, ideas for each KLA, fantastic websites, behaviour management strategies, web 2.0 tools, teaching strategies, classroom decorating ideas, useful books, links to education news, lesson plan ideas  from highly regarded teachers, new resources for the classroom … the prospects are endless.

Have you ever felt unmotivated?

  • There are countless blogs that are amazing which are written by teachers who are enthusiastic and encouraging.
  • There are millions of ideas and resources shared every day.

Have you ever needed advice?

  • There will be something or someone out there who can help and share their thoughts and experiences.

Have you ever felt inspired?

  • Inspire other teachers with your great ideas that you are implementing in your classroom.

Have you ever felt alone?

  • With Twitter and blogging, you never have to feel alone. Your PLN can support you, they are all teachers who can relate to you, who understand the frustrations and who can help and support you. We can all work together, no matter where we are in the world.

If there is a new idea that is working, people will be talking about it.  

Every time you log onto twitter or read a blog post,  you will;

  • learn something new
  • meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet
  • read about something you may never have heard of

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up to Twitter and follow me to get you started. If you already have Twitter, start being an active participant. Sign up to other blogs and receive an email each time they write a new post. Maybe even start your own blog. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What dreams will you create for yourself?

What will you learn tomorrow?

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Twitter and Blogging

  1. Was such a great experience for all the new and soon to be teachers. I learnt about so many resources and currently implementing then into my classroom. Thanks for taking some time away to talk to me. Your blog and twitter are great examples of effective pln’s.


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