Homework Tips for Parents

Homework is an important part in a students’ daily routine as it helps to consolidate what they have learnt in class, however some parents do not see the value in homework or may be finding it difficult to get their child to complete their homework. As a result, they may benefit from an encouraging letter.

Teachers may provide parents with a letter containing;

  • Information about why homework is given
  • When it is given out to the students
  • When homework is due
  • Homework tips for parents

The homework tips may include;

  • Set up a quiet place, away from any distractions, which is specifically for completing homework.
  • There should be an allocated time each day for homework.
  • Find out what works best for your child – relax before homework or complete homework immediately after school and relax later.
  • Encourage your child to tick things off as they go.
  • Help your child to set goals for each homework session.
  • Use a timer to challenge your child to stay on task.
  • Remind your child to complete their homework.
  • Praise your child when they have tried their best.
  • Be positive about homework; remind your child that school and homework are important.
  • Provide guidance when your child asks for help instead of simply supplying them with the answers.
  • Allow your child to complete their homework on their own at times, in order to foster and encourage independence.
  • Set up incentives for your child to complete their homework. For example; placing a new sticker in a scrap book, watching a television show, playing a board game with the family and so on.

Take a look at this YouTube clip from School A-Z which could be useful to show to parents:

Have you sent out a similar letter?

What feedback have you received from parents regarding homework?

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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