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Bullying disrupts the school environment and learning in classrooms and it should not be tolerated. Teachers need to make it clear to their students that bullying is not acceptable and there needs to be a procedure in place for students to follow if they are bullied or if they see students bullying other students.

Students who bully others often feel insecure. Ensure your classroom is a place where everyone is treated with kindness and respect and you as the teacher are a good example.

Try to get to the bottom of why the student is bullying. Talk to them with kindness, reminding them that you know they are a good student but they are making the wrong choices. Ask them how they think the student they are bullying feels and if they would like to feel that way. Ask them what better choices they can make in the future. You might like to have these kinds of questions written out for the student to think about and write their answer down.

You might like to have a book between you, the student and their parents. You could discuss with the student at the end of the day the good and bad choices he/she made that day and write them down. The student can then discuss their choices with their parents and strive not to make those same bad choices again.

Strategies to eliminate bullying in your classroom:

  • Positive reinforcement (Click here for a previous post I have written on positive reinforcement)
  • Have students work in groups to come up with a poster against bullying
  • Encourage group work in your class (Click here for a previous post I have written on group work)
  • Use ‘get to know you’ exercises to build a rapport between students in the class which helps to eliminate bullying (e.g. ask students to partner with someone and tell them about their weekend or a fact they remember from the unit or what they are excited to learn about in the next unit and keep telling them to swap a few times).
  • Create a positive environment with motivational posters on the wall and tell your students to be the best they can be (Click here for a previous post I have written on happiness in the classroom)

Here are some great websites about bullying:

What strategies do you use to eliminate bullying in your classroom?

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