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Making Multiplication Tables Fun

I remember dreading writing out my multiplication tables in a square grid against the stop watch each morning in primary school and I don’t want my future students to have that same pit in their stomach because they are struggling with their multiplication tables.

After all, the daily multiplication square and stop watch approach wasn’t even a successful approach for me.

Learning needs to be fun and students should be engaged. Using different approaches allows all students to learn as their learning style is taken into account.

Here are some ideas I have come up with and have seen work well in classes to help students learn their multiplication tables in a fun manner:

1. Identify the patterns in a hundred chart.

2. Skip counting as a class.

3. Create a rap song or poem as part of a homework activity or class activity about a multiplication table.

4. Sing the multiplication table together as a class.

5. Create a game show as a class where the teacher acts as a host and there are rotating pairs of students with a buzzer to answer a multiplication sum.

6. Multiplication bingo.

7. Have the students line up in pairs and choose one student to stand at the front of the line (provide them with an answer sheet). The student at the front calls out a multiplication sum and the first of the pair to state the correct answer returns to the back of the line and the other student sits out and watches. This continues until there is one students left.

8. Students work in pairs to test each other.

9. Focus on particular multiplication sums each week. For example 6×3 = 18, 6×5=30 and 6×6=36 and make it a challenge that the students remember those three. The teacher may ask a student at random one of those multiplication sums.

10. Focus on a multiplication table for a specified amount of weeks within the school year. All maths warm ups and homework activities would pertain to that specific multiplication table. For example, weeks 1-3 of term 1 may be decicated to the multiplication table of 3.

11. Dedicate a part of the classroom to the multiplication table that is being focussed on.

12. Ask the students to create a powerpoint slide of the multiplication table including images and voice recording.

13. The students may create a poster for the multiplication table which can be displayed in the classroom.

14. Include the multiplication table in their homework each week.

15. Use a fun multiplication CD and have the students sing along.

16. Record your voice reading the multiplication tables on your class blog or on a CD for students to listen to as part of their homework.

17. Have the students record themselves onto a CD.

Be creative and make learning fun!

 What strategies do you use to teach multiplication tables?

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