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Drama Warm Up Games for Improvisation

Drama is a great part of Creative Arts and is often forgotten. I’ve seen all kinds of students shine in drama, from the quiet students who say very little throughout the day to the loud students who raise their hand to answer every question. Students who have little interest in school work often love drama. Drama allows all students to particpate and have a go while having some fun. It can help to create a supportive and fun classroom environment.    

Try some of these drama warm up games to help students with their improvisation skills:

Knife and Fork

T asks Ss to put themselves into pairs. T then calls out an object and Ss have to form that object with their bodies (Ss become the objects, not use them). Ss should be in groups of 4, 8 or possibly even the whole class for more complex objects to create.

Examples of objects: numbers, knife, fork, house…


Class stands in a circle. T gives the offer of a type of machine, for example, a chocolate making machine or chicken plucking machine. One S enters the middle of the circle and performs a repetitive action with a sound for that machine. The S enters and adds on to the first S. So on for six or so Ss. (The machine needs to be totally connected – Ss must add on to the previous S).

Present Game

In pairs, A mimes giving B a present. B thanks A and names the present. Reverse.

E.g. A carefully places a small object into the hands of B. B says thank you for the baby chicken. Reverse.

The point is not to guess the present, but for A and B to both accept and make offers.

What are you doing?

In a circle, one person enters and does an activity (e.g. sweeping). B enters and says ‘What are you doing?’ A says something different to what they are doing (e.g. playing basketball). B takes on that exercise. Repeats around the circle.

 Do you have any tips or advice for teaching drama?

Does your class enjoy drama?

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